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our pinot noir

There is a popular belief that great wine can be attributed to what happens in the vineyard. GREAT FRUIT = GREAT WINE. At Nintingbool we have a passion for growing premium quality grapes. The vineyard is small to allow us to manage every aspect of the viticulture process. Prior to 2004 all of our grapes were sold to another wine producer in Ballarat.






In 2004 we decided to expand our interest in viticulture and to retain a small percentage of our crop for our own wine production. Our wine, produced under the Nintingbool label, has also grown out of a passion for achieving premium quality. Again, we prefer to make very small volumes of wine so that we can personally manage every aspect of the wine production. Our first vintage in 2004 produced 44 cases of cool climate pinot noir. The small volume that we produce allows us to be vigilant with temperature control and monitor every step of production to ensure premium quality.


Nintingbool Pinot Noir is matured in a combination of old and new French oak barriques.